Pretreatment for Powder Coating

We offer a full range of pretreatment options dependent on the item, the substrate and the environment the item will be subjected to.

We offer:

  • Chromate type pretreatment for aluminium alloys and zinc galvanizing
  • Iron phosphate pretreatment for mild steels

Powder coating

We have a huge range of powders which are available in a wide range of colours, textures and metallics.

Most powders are polyester based, however some are a hybrid polyester/epoxy mix, urethane, high temperature silicone base, and epoxy. Any of these can be applied to your products.

The largest item we can powder coat is approximately 4000m long x 1500m wide x 2000 high.

The smallest item we can powder coat is a screw head, so anything between these two sizes is possible.

We powder coat a large assortment of products ranging from car parts, bicycles, motorbikes, race car frames, industrial frames, panels, small components, furniture, marine parts, cabinets and more.

If it is made of a metal or an alloy, we can powdercoat it!

Powdercoat stripping

We have a small stripping facility to accommodate those smaller stripping requirements.

Use and Care

At Powderworks we take pride in providing the best possible service for our customers. We are happy to provide you with advice on the use and care of your powder coated products.


Choose from a wide range of powder coating colours using our colours charts from Orica or Interpon to suit your requirements.

Pickup / delivery

We have our own truck and are able to arrange pick up and delivery to suit our individual customer requirements.

Wet painting

We offer a limited liquid paint spraying service for those jobs that simply can’t be powder coated.