Welcome To Powderworks

Powder coating specialists

Highly durable and versatile, powder coating paint has become the first choice for manufacturers and fabricators throughout New Zealand and the world.

Powder coating is ideal for;

  • Industrial coating
  • Interior and exterior painting finish, and
  • Restoration work.

ELECTROSTATIC POWDER PAINT can be used on almost any material including aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, magnesium and titanium. The powder we use is not only more environmentally friendly than wet paint but it is more durable and weather resistant. Our extensive powder coating PRE TREATMENT PROCESS ensures a HIGH QUALITY FINISH and appealing visual appearance every time.

At Powderworks we use the latest TECHNOLOGY in powder coating to give you amazing results. We aim to provide a SUPERIOR SERVICE for our customers every time.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best finish possible using our experience working with powder coating to solve the common problems that come with coating.