About Powderworks

Powderworks Limited was established in 1995 as a subsidiary of our engineering business. At the time we found finding the right combination of quality and service in the market place challenging.

We began doing our own powder coating and also did coating for a few other manufacturers who were facing the same dilemma.

On the back of the quality service we offered Powderworks developed a good reputation and expanded so much that we began to focus solely on the powder coating side of the business.

Our point of difference is in the process we have developed for getting the best possible finish and in our problem solving experience. Our customers have often come to us with recurring powder coating issues that they believed was ‘par of the course’. Sometimes these issues were purely due to the pretreatment or application of the powder. In other cases, we have traced the problem back to a ‘design fault’ which can then be eliminated by minor design or manufacture changes.

It is this part of the service that ensures our customers achieve a superior finish on their product.

Powderworks Limited comprises of nine staff focused on providing high quality product finish, excellent customer service, meeting agreed client timeframes, all at the best price.

We only employ the best, so consequently have a wide and experienced knowledge base to draw from.

We are ISO9001 accredited through Q-Net in conjunction with Dulux. This is a statement of our commitment to the quality of our product through quality processes and control.